The church in Anchorage, Alaska, welcomes you whether you are a first-time visitor or a regular viewer. This site was created to provide information about our local church as well as tools to enhance the church-life for all believers.

You will learn about the history of the local churches, which dates back to the book of Acts, as well as the history of the church here in Anchorage. 

There is a section that explains in detail what our beliefs are as Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ dearly and diligently follow his leading in our lives.

For those who have questions there is a section that answers some of the more frequently asked questions concerning the local churches.

We also provide information on where, when and how we meet as the church in Anchorage as well as a way to contact us with any questions you might have.

Our Links section has many valuable sites that will guide, and cherish all believers in The Lord Jesus.

Thank you for your interest in the local church in Anchorage.